Colors and offsets on the map are all for standard times. Clock times are adjusted for Daylight/Summer time adjustments.

    Daylight/Summer time rules
  1. European and US Times are adjusted based on the country rules applied to the local time zone.
  2. All other Daylight/Summertime rules are applied using GMT at 00:00 on the day they are effective.
  3. Australia: first Sunday in October to first Sunday in March
  4. Brazil: third Sunday in October to third Sunday in February
  5. Chile: second Saturday in October to second Saturday in March
  6. Egypt: last Friday in April to last Thursday in September
  7. Europe: last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October
  8. Israel changes based on the dates of Rosh Hashan, these dates are coded through 2009, afterwhich the European schedule is assumed.
  9. Nambia: first Sunday in September to first Sunday in April
  10. New Zealand: first Sunday in October to third Sunday in March
  11. US/Canada/Mexico Rules 2006: first Sunday in April to last Sunday in October
  12. US/Canada/Mexico 2007 and beyond: second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November